Super acute pain

Play Time : 00:59:21
Rating : 12345

Actress: Maki
Duration: 0:59: 21

This ultra-Pang "needle" And not a needle that you are using for the SM play, seems to be the sewing needle. First of all, the hanging bar beating until the ass rises tumor! Is tied to pillars passed through a bar in between the legs, a strong clip to breast refers to the gore needle. While not be hamstrung, is caused to the Deep Throating ... It's like a torture. It understands because pussy tightens well, continue to hit the needle in ass, take on a miserably ass. In addition to leg in a forced open leg unit, stitching the Villa of pussy with a needle and thread ... barrage of spine-chilling fear. Please refrain from needle it is not good is not good one and blood. Since the author also Toka weak injection, the mood is watching has become worse ... pussy stitching can startle!


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