illegal copy master episode 166

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Saki-san, is started from shaved check of Minami-san.
After check, three toward the bathroom.
Pierre is to drink piss earlier Mr. Nishikawaguchi.
Because you did not drink well, Saki-san becomes 100 hit.
Move from the bathroom, before Mr. get to the south's the shackles shackles.
Minami, who Tekozuru in shackles shackles attached.
Is a collar firmly SM style complete mouth shackles.
100 hit has been initiated ride to the constraining plate.
Bare hands Pierre tapping the ass of Saki's Nishikawaguchi.
100 Slapping I do in the whip.
Whip will break in the 100th whip hit.
Ass of Saki's are swollen to bright red.
Furthermore Pierre tapping the ass of Saki's with bare hands Nishikawaguchi.


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