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pierre opens up her legs all they way and it looks like pierre cares about her butthole hair he starts shaving it and after that she said thank you to him! pierre started widening and plays with her  butthole! she enjoys it when he put a doctors tool in her pussy! she got suprised. she is wet and he doesnt care he puts an extra large didlo in her tight pussy and rams it in with force! she is so impressed this si the first time in her life she put anything like this in her pussy! it was pushed so hard it got stuck and didnt come out so he was impresed how tight and wet she gets! then he puts the anal jewlrey and she started crying from the pain because she wasnt used to that! tsukasa appologised for crying! when is finished playing with her butthole he fucks her wet pussy!  he fucked her 30 times that day and wanted to make it 31 but she left


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