school girl uniform 2

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ayaka came in nude but is waiting for along time she looks cold .. all of a suden the dms gang showed up .. she knows she is about to get gang banged! the ganged asked her isnt she cold so they put the school girl uniform on her but  only the top!  no panties with school uniform makes the gang very horny! from behind her everyone tries to grab her ..  they started licking her neck  nipple and everywhere they could .. some of them put there mega dick on her pussy rubbing against it!.

ayaka started sucking somecock but it was kinda big so she gaged.. then the gang sat on the couch and they fuck her from behind .. they moved in and out of her tight wet pussy really fast! ayaka goes but the gang  doesnt stop! they put her in a streched out position so they can penetrate deep so gets really wet and ayaka had a good time!


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